About me

Hello!  I'm Jane! Welcome to the world of Placenta Encapsulation!  I'm happy that your search has led you to me!  Before you read anymore, I would like to share this important information with you...

You have probably viewed many websites regarding Placenta Encapsulation and may be feeling a little confused and overwhelmed at the moment about which Encapsulator is the right one for you!  
What should you ask..?  What training and qualifications should your Encapsulator have..? 

Currently the practice of Placenta Encapsulation is unregulated which means that anyone can offer the service and they do not have to have received any training!  There are many people offering placenta encapsulation to women around Perth, but unfortunately some of these people fall into the "untrained" category.  This often reflects in the cost of their service. 


Placenta Encapsulators handle human blood, therefore It is VITAL that your potential Placenta Encapsulator has been trained by a reputable organisation in this unique profession, maintains up-to-date education and skills and provides a service that is safe, and strictly adheres to Occupational Health & Safety standards. 


Here's a list of important questions you may want to ask...


  • How long have you been encapsulating for?

  • How many placentas have you prepared?

  • What training and qualifications do you have?

  • Can I have pictures of your process (and of my placenta)?

  • Do you have any testimonials I can see from previous clients?

  • Where will my placenta be processed?

  • Do you have a dedicated fridge for placentas?

  • If another client births on the same day what will happen?
  • What equipment do you use and how do you clean it?
  • How should I store my placenta after birth?
  • How do you transport my placenta and keep it cold?
  • Are you a member of Placenta Services Australia
  • What is your refund policy if I change my mind or I can't keep my placenta?
  • Can I contact you after I've got my capsules if I have any questions about them?

I'm mum to two beautiful girls who were both home-birthed in the UK.  Birthing my children in the mid 90's ignited my passion and enthusiasm for all things "birth", and this has ultimately led to me becoming a Certified Placenta Encapsulator Specialist (CPES) with Placenta Benefits (PBi).  I am also enhancing my placenta work and skills through The Association of Placenta Preparation Arts (APPA).  There's always something new to learn!


I have been a Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator since 2004 and I am also very lucky to have a another job that I love with The Community Midwifery Program as their Administrator.


I love working with placentas!  If you've ever seen a placenta, you'll understand why they're known as "The Tree of Life"!  I consider it an honour and a great privilege to be asked to encapsulate a baby's placenta, and because of this, the process of encapsulation is done with great respect and care.


To assure you that your placenta will also be handled safely and appropriately, I am trained and hold qualifications in:


Bloodborne Pathogens Safety (CFR1910.1030), in accordance with OSH requirements and APPA Certification


Australian Institute of Food Safety Food Safety Supervisor


I am a full member of The International Institute for Complimentary Therapists


I am a Mentor for Placenta Services Australia