"In one word my placenta, which I ate in the form of your capsules, was invigorating"


When people asked me how I was coping with two kids under 2 years old, including my newborn, I could happily say things were wonderful because I had plenty of energy to give with my love. In one word my placenta, which I ate in the form of your capsules, was "invigorating". A friend gave me some wise advice after I told her I only had 2 weeks supply left... she said if they are so good perhaps you better wean yourself off them! So I did, and finished them when my baby was 8 weeks old and sleeping 6 hours at night time...hence a longer night’s sleep could now replace the energy I consumed in the pills. My first Childs placenta is under a lime tree that is now producing fruit. I am pleased it's there, however for any future children I will be eating the placenta in the palatable form of a pill! - Jenni


"Taking the capsules has made a huge difference; I felt energetic, happy and my milk came in pretty quickly."


Thank you Jane for an amazing service! Jane came to the birthing centre the morning after I had given birth to baby Hugo and collected my placenta. She delivered the capsules and a beautiful umbilical cord dreamcatcher only a couple of days after. I loved the personal touch in regards to the packaging and the instructions. Jane also sent some photos of my placenta, which I thought was a lovely touch. Taking the capsules has made a huge difference, I felt energetic, happy and my milk came in pretty quickly. I also believe it helped with the bleeding. Bubs is 9 weeks old, I still have a few capsules left for 'those special days' :-) Jane is lovely and very professional. Thank you again!!!- Meike 


I'll be back for my next batch after baby no. 2!


Dear Jane

Thank you so much for my placenta tablets! Beautifully presented & with simple instructions, I've felt totally comfortable taking them. Nothing icky to them at all - especially not in the gorgeous glass jar! Plus it was nice to be doing something positive with my placenta. I really think they helped me through the first few weeks after my daughter's birth, which turned out to be a very positive time for us as a family. I only have a handful left now, but still take one every now and then if I'm feeling a little more emotional than usual. I'll be back for my next batch after baby no. 2! Thanks Jane!

Becky x




Some of my client's experiences of taking placenta pills:

"Thank you for being so wonderful, friendly and understanding. Taking the time to collect my placenta from the hospital and drop the capsules back the very next day"


Hi Jane,


Well little Sol is 3 weeks old today, and I just had to send you a massive THANK YOU. I was excited to learn more about placenta encapsulation after receiving your card from the Community Midwifery Program, and it has measured up to everything that I hoped for.

"What a difference in experience between the two post natal periods."
Dearest Jane
Your service has been a blessing! This being my second pregnancy I researched details about placenta encapsulation after struggling with low iron after the birth of my first child. What a difference in experience between the two post natal periods. While taking the placenta capsules I felt quite energetic and less fatigue. I also didn't experience the "baby blues" as severely this time around. I was so much more happy and enjoyed the first few weeks with my new baby. I credit this to the placenta capsules. My iron levels have not dropped at all! Thank you for being so accommodating and working so closely with my midwives during the first few days post birth. Your valuable service was greatly appreciated. Even though we unfortunately never actually met, you were still very professional and so sincere in all your messages and phone calls. Thank you :)
I wish you all the best in your business venture and will be sure to use your service again (if I have another baby!) Kindest Regards, Veronica


"Amazing service at the very last minute, a beautiful person and wonderful product, that has truly transformed the first precious days weeks and months with my new little man. Couldn't be more grateful for the service, and couldn't recommend more highly."



"Jane is absolutely amazing! I called last minute (literally) however Jane was so willing to assist in anyway she could and made me feel at ease and special throughout the entire process! Her services & product totally surpassed any expectations I may have had. I will be back again with baby 2 and highly recommend anyone who's considering encapsulation to contact Jane, you won't be disappointed."



"What fantastic service! Jane really goes above and beyond in creating a beautiful product from the organ that gives your baby nourishment. I will recommend to everyone to get their placenta encapsulated by Jane- the day after I started taking the capsules my emotional sensitivity went back to normal and I was able to cope much better with the whirlwind of having my first baby. Thank you again Jane!"



I am so happy to say I had no baby blues even on the "notorious" day 3.. not to say I didn't have the odd exhaustion break-down which I am sure all new mums can relate to :-) but nothing that lasted beyond an hour or 2 and a little nap ;-) My milk came in earlier than expected on day 2, and Sol has had no problem attaching in spite of being 4 weeks early. My milk supply has been plentiful so he has put on 700g in the last 2 weeks and I also have enough milk to pump occasionally so that his dad can feed him and I can catch up on some sleep. This is my first baby so I have no experience of post-birth without the placenta capsules, however I will be getting hold of you when I have my next baby for sure!


What I really wanted to thank you for however was for being so wonderful, friendly and understanding. Taking the time to collect my placenta from the hospital while still being discrete enough to let me rest and bond with my family, and drop the capsules back the very next day (when I was ready for more of a fun chat!) was service that is second to none. The presentation with the gorgeous bottle and crystal, as well as the extra time you took with the cord, was all just lovely.


I will be suggesting to other pregnant women that they give you a call, and look forward to keeping in touch and working together again next time :-)


Thanks again,


Joanne and Sol 

"Amazing service from Jane. Very efficient and the outcome from taking the pills is so great, so much energy and a quick recovery. Would recommend this to anyone."



"Thank you for an amazing product and your outstanding customer service! I've been taking my placenta capsules for just over two weeks and I can honestly say my energy levels, mood, milk supply and postpartum healing are fantastic considering I have a newborn and a toddler and gave birth less than 3 weeks ago. I highly recommend Jane's placenta encapsulation!"


"You're the best! Jane thanks a million for the miracle you have created. The product was made with so much love and I'm so grateful that you were able to help us. Also the biggest thanks for what you have done with the cord it is such a beautiful gift we can give to our little baby. I would recommend you to everyone and although we have only met for a short moment I must say that you have really touched my heart."
Lots of love, Sandra and family

What a wonderful experience from start to finish!

Couldn't recommend Jane highly enough! Every little detail makes for such a professional and high quality end product, all wrapped up with fantastic service and care. Thank you Jane x

- Sinead 

Amazing! Exhilarating! Healing! I loved every step of this experience. Jane was beautiful to deal with, providing excellent advice at each step of the way. The packaging was gorgeous and such fast turn around! I would highly recommend to all. Thank you xx - Jessica

Thanks so much for your outstanding service Jane! The presentation and going that extra mile was just wonderful and I am very grateful.
As a first time mum I have been amazed at my energy levels, my positive mood and my healing. I put it down to these amazing magic pills!!
I would recommend Birtherapy Placenta services to any woman.- Cindy