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Below are articles relating to labour, birth, placentas and encapsulation! You can find more articles of interest on my Birtherapy Facebook page.

Childbirth experts warn umbilical cords should not be cut for up to FIVE minutes

Mounting evidence suggests that clamping the cord within seconds of the baby's arrival deprives it of vital blood from the placenta – which can lead to iron deficiency and anaemia in later life.



Baby delivery turf war looms

A turf war is brewing in WA over moves to allow private midwives to admit and manage women in labour in public hospital maternity units.


More new moms turning to placenta for help


"The journal Ecology of Food and Nutrition last year cited a survey in which almost all 189 respondents said placenta encapsulation was a positive experience and they would do it again. An article in the same journal correlated placenta ingestion with opioid effects in animals’ brains that relieve pain and facilitate mother-child bonding. And researchers at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas are working to determine whether claims of elevations in mood and energy and robust lactation are more than a placebo effect."

The Caul......


the amniotic sac in which the unborn baby grows in the womb. Typically, the membranes of the sac break, (or quite frequently in hospital, are broken) during the process of labour or birth. It's also known as "the waters brea...king". When a baby is born in the caul, he/she is still covered in the membranes or "veil". Being born in the caul is quite rare and carries some interesting legends...